Character classes in Revery Rebirth

In Role Playing Games, character classes are a classic theme. For example, ‘Warrior’, ‘Healer’ and ‘Ranger’ appear in most Role Playing Games. Sometimes they’re altered to fit better into the lore of the game, but they’re usually recognizable.

Revery Rebirth has a lot of familiar classes as well, but considering the way magic works in the game, I wanted to give them an outline since there are some pretty drastic differences.

The fundamental elements of Revery Rebirth

The fundamental elements of Revery Rebirth

The diagram above shows the elements in Revery Rebirth, and how they work on a character’s Rockstar.

Each human born in the world of Caarmellum is born with a focus on one of the main five points: Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Metal. Then, they’ll have an affinity with one of the elements branching off from there: Spirit, Void, Life, Dyne and Bolt.

As an example, Ares, the main character of Revery Rebirth, was born with the Air element, and has exceptional skill with Bolt.

These elements along with a character’s melee weapon help define their class. Ares wields a boomerang, so he utilizes that with his ability to control the wind.

Below are examples of what element combinations might look like as archetype fantasy classes.

Air/Bolt: Storm Mage

With the ability to control the wind and lightning, most of the spells simulate the power of a storm. (used by Ares in the game)

Air/Spirit: White Mage

Spirit is the essence of the body, and when that’s combined with air you are able to heal wounds as well as quicken the body to move around much more quickly. (used by Olly in the game)

Fire/Spirit: Paladin

The force of fire is coupled with the spirit of the user to strengthen your body and give you other buffs while smiting foes with the fire itself. (used by Audrey in the game)

Fire/Void: Summoner

There’s an unknown world that the user of Fire and Void can borrow from. Spells create portals to such a world and allow brief appearances of the strange creatures from there. (used by Soux in the game)

Water/Void: Shaman

The water in the air pulls out spectral energy from the world. This cold, icy presence causes fear in your enemies as well as ailment inducing attacks.

Water/Life: Plant Mage

Utilizing a wide range of plants, this type of mage can heal allies but also attack enemies with entangling vines and sharp thorns. (used by Save in the game)

Earth/Life: Necromancer

The earth is filled with fossils of long dead creatures. With the power of life, this type of mage is able to reanimate these remains for use in battle. (used by Isser in the game)

Earth/Dyne: Geomancer

Power is the keyword here. The raw power of Dyne tears apart the Earth causing earthquakes and tremors that destroy everything in it’s path. (used by Mal in the game)

Metal/Dyne: Warrior

Large weapons are easily wielded when Dyne empowers the user’s body. Just as well, heavy armor is worn as much less of a burden. (used by Tilly in the game)

Metal/Bolt: Tech…mage?

The creation of metal as well as the ability to draw lighting to those creations gives this type of mage devastating attacks in battle.