Come Visit the Revery Rebirth booth at Play NYC this weekend! Booth 53

Revery Rebirth Play NYC

Play NYC is here! This weekend, several game developers will be showcasing their games at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC. Of course, this includes Revery Rebirth! Use code COMEPLAY when you purchase the tickets for %20 off!

Not only will we have a couple places to play the current demo, but the story and art director will be there to ask any questions you might have. Further on, there will be a cheese board and other snacks to enjoy for an after-play chat!

In case you’re not sure, Revery Rebirth is a Turn-Based RPG with heavy influences of music. All of the characters are musicians and learn songs and motifs to cast spells. In this demo, you’ll be able to try 4 of the characters in the game and find more songs for them to learn!

Watch the trailer here!

Our mission with Revery Rebirth is to make a modern RPG that contains familiar mechanics while also adding in a whole new world of fresh ones as well as focus on a more human-experience story. We here have always loved music in RPGs (and other games) and it’s important for us to have a massive soundtrack while also creating songs that fans can easily learn themselves!

Check out the characters here! Ares, Tilly, Audrey and Save will be the playable characters in this demo.

If you can’t come to Play NYC, be sure to try the newest demo here!

Things you’ll find in the demo…

  • Side Quests

  • Battling with full stat mechanics

  • Nearly full access to Croix Island

  • 4 unique characters

  • The band Clint Michigan rehearsing - based on a real life band

  • The band The MouseTraps rehearsing - based on real musicians

  • A bunch of secrets

  • A dungeon with various puzzles

  • Much more!!

Lauren from Cosmic Star Heroine

Lauren from Cosmic Star Heroine

Also, since I love the world of indie developers, you’ll find three character cameos from three different Indie Games. These include Lauren from Cosmic Star Heroine, Mihaly from Vidar and Kyrie from Fellseal.

We hope to see everyone there! Or at least, somewhere in the future, at some time!

Be sure to follow progress on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well!

More Characters! More Stuff!!

Hello everyone! Lots of new stuff coming up for Revery Rebirth, including new things to do in the demo as well as showing the game at Play Crafting on August 10th and 11th in NYC! More on that in a later blog post though.

For now, take a look at a couple new additions to the Character’s Section of Revery Rebirth.

Revery Rebirth Gabriel
Revery Rebirth Kir
Revery Rebirth Lucky

In game Sprites coming later!

New Demo Stuff

As far as new stuff for the demo, here are a couple screenshots of what you can find.

Here, ‘The MouseTraps’ practice below Gene’s house.

Here, ‘The MouseTraps’ practice below Gene’s house.

Max rides his Archa around the world, appraising tarnished treasures…for a fee.

Max rides his Archa around the world, appraising tarnished treasures…for a fee.

Try the demo!!

If you haven’t tried the demo, or haven’t tried the most recent version, do so HERE!!

More news very, very shortly! The Kickstarter launch date and more about the Play Crafting!

Beginning of November Updates

Revery Rebirth Ares

Here are some new screenshots of the town Asper in Revery Rebirth. As much as I want to have a Christmas song as the theme music for it, I’ll probably do something more glockenspiely.

A WIP, like all screenshots

A WIP, like all screenshots

There’s a place to get Mead in town. It’ll help. Honest.

There’s a place to get Mead in town. It’ll help. Honest.

Revery Rebirth

Unrelated, here is a new song for somewhere you’ll visit later on.

A lot more information regarding the demo will be coming out sooner than later, and we’re so excited to show you!